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Gender Equality Implementation on Management Positions of Taipei City Government

In an effort to promote actual policy implementation in relation to gender equality, the Taipei City Government is incorporating the aspect of gender equality in all of its related policies. In cases when supervising positions at city government offices become vacant, the Taipei City Women’s Rights Protection Regulations and Civil Service Promotion Act shall be used to address the circumstance, and supervisor gender ratios shall also be provided to respective responsible heads for reference. Taipei City is vowing to thoroughly execute its gender mainstreaming policies.

As of the end of April, 2023, the ratio of management positions in office work  is 43.10% male to 56.90% female, which is approaching equilibrium.

Taipei City government will continue to supervise its agencies to work on their current foundation, and put efforts into including the views and experiences of gender mainstreaming in policy implementation and promotion, to make Taipei a gender-neutral and happy City.