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Recognition of excellent public servants and staff in city government

To recognize the contributions that public servants in the city government make to the country and society, enhance administrative efficiency, and promote outstanding young public servants under the age of 39, recommendations and selections are made in accordance with the “Incentives for Public Servants” and the “Key Points for Recognizing Young Public Servants by the Taipei City Government”. In 2023, 31 exemplary civil servants and 10 outstanding young civil servants were selected. In addition, 30 outstanding members of staff were selected in accordance with the “Key Points for Recognizing Young Public Servants by the Taiwan City Government” in recognition of their dedicated service.

The selected civil servants and members of staff were publicly honored by the mayor with awards, bonuses and gift vouchers ranging from NT$15,000 to NT$50,000. In making these awards, the city government hopes to improve morale and encourage others to learn from such positive examples.