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Current Status of Personnel

We promote personnel operations by aligning with the mayor's plans and policies as well as central government regulations. The promotion of personnel operations and the important work of 2023 is as follows:

1.Construct an appropriate organization by revising regulations 

In an effort to enable TPCG's organizations to be more directorial, and make the best use of limited resources in line with the needs of TPCG's development of municipal business, we have revised the charters of the government’s agencies, including the Fire Department and the Indigenous People Commission. The total number of TPCG employees in 2023 is estimated at 77,874. To reasonably allocate staffing budgets for schools, we will set up a Budget Staffing Review Task Force, together with the Department of Finance, the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, and the Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission, for the review of staffing budgets. The budgets proposed will be submitted to the Planning and Budget Review Committee for review in 2024.


(1)1,403 people will apply for various civil service examinations.

(2)From April 2006, the Employment Services Office has been entrusted to openly recruit contract employees, professional technicians, and janitors hired by schools.

3.Care for the disadvantaged

(1)3,400 people with disabilities will be hired, 1,347 more than the quota, with a total recruitment rate of 165.61%. 593 indigenous people will be hired, 331 more than the quota, with a total recruitment rate of 226.34% 

(2)A total of 340 summer jobs will be offered to university and college students who come from low-income households, those with disabilities, those with indigenous backgrounds, or those who are solely responsible for household bills, as well children of unemployed workers.

3.Foster digitization by going paperless

We will build a personnel e-form mechanism to promote form-filling online. By the end of December 2022, there were 3,010 promotion and transfer announcements and 7,634 online applications; 337 activities were participated in by 81,167 people; 2,590 surveys with 384,606 completed.