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Taipei Municipal Government EAP Service

List of employee assistance measures:

  1. Individual Counselling: Based on employees’ needs, coordinate one-on-one counselling sessions from a group of certified professionals (6 hours per year, free of charge).
  2. Group Counselling: Based on departmental needs, coordinate small group counselling sessions from a group of certified professionals (6 hours per year, free of charge).
  3. Special Needs Counselling: Assist various departments in coping with employees with special needs, including but not limited to those facing maladaptive workplace symptoms, productivity loss, emotional imbalances, or abnormal behaviors; and facilitate HR staff in acquiring relevant management competency in dealing with these needs.
  4. Crisis Management: Proactive intervention and counseling service when dealing with major incidents and crises.
  5. Conduct mental healthcare advocacy programs: provide stress and emotions management courses for departments whose employees are subject to above-average or substantial risks in physical safety and emotional wellbeing.
  6. Conduct “Mental healthcare Guardian Workshop” for managerial staff: Coach managers in identifying employees with needs and risks symptoms, enhancing productivity and interview skills, and procuring available resources from the EAP Office.
  7. Conduct “Mental healthcare Guardian Workshop” for HR staff: Provide coaching for HR staff in identifying colleagues with needs, enhancing caregiving and needs-referral capacities, and facilitating cooperation with the EAP Office.
  8. Mental Health Clinic: Arrange psychiatric service in the municipal office clinic once a week.
  9. Provide mental health-related multimedia resources: Host a variety of DVDs and books in the genres of personal growth, emotional management, destigmatization, etc.
  10. Referral services: legal consultation, medical assistance, financial planning.
  11. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the EAPs has also increased online service in addition to entity interviews.