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2014 Major Events


Milestones for the Department of Personnel, in 2014
Dec 25 Vice Premier Simon Chang hosted the 6th Mayoral Inaugural and Succession Ceremony, with the deputy mayor and political executives of Level 1 agencies sworn in on the same day in the ceremony hosted by the new mayor, Ko Wen-je.
Dec 15 Expanded annual Conference of Taipei City Government (TCG) Personnel Officials held on the 2nd floor of Taipei City Hall (Family Theater) attended by 320 representatives from TCG agencies and personnel directors from schools city-wide.
Nov 3 Taipei City Youth Development Office officially established.
Oct 23 The Directorate-General of Personnel Administration, Executive Yuan, approved the individual and group awards list for the 2014 Essay Competition on Personnel Administrative Research and Development; the Department of Personnel, Taipei City Government, won 1 Merit Award in the appointed topic category and 4 Merit Awards in the self-selected topic category.
Sep 29 Processed the public bidding of the “City-owned property at 6F., No. 204, Jihe Rd., Shilin District, Taipei City”.
Aug 29 Called the government-level task force review, which was hosted by Secretary General Chen Yong-Ren.
Jul 16 Han Ying-Jun, the former director of Taipei City’s Department of Personnel, reached the retirement age on July 16, 2014. Hence, the new director’s inauguration and the former director’s handing-over ceremony were held on the same day at the Liu Mingchuan Hall on the 12F of the Taipei City Hall Building. Huang Fu-Yuan, the director of Directorate-General of Personnel Administration, Executive Yuan, supervised the take-over. The newly appointed director Huai Xu began his official duties on the same day.
Jul 1 The City’s agencies and schools officially introduced the new version of the human resource management system (WebHR) and customized the system (TCGHR) for online operation.
Jun 10 Awarded the agencies and schools that have performed excellently for the gender mainstreaming program promoted by the City Government in 2014.
May 20 To reduce the Government’s manpower cost and control the growth of manpower, the Department of Finance; Department of Budget; Accounting and Statistics, Research, Development and Evaluation Commission; and our Department jointly form the “Taipei City Government manpower budgeting cum temporary and dispatched staff budgeting team” every year. Together with this Department, the team conducts meetings to review the manpower budget for the various agencies and schools. 67,005 staff members were approved for 2014, for a reduction of 262 staff from 2013's 67,267 staff in total.
Apr 29 Before the city affairs meeting, Mayor Hau publicly recognized Taipei City Government’s 30 “Excellent Workers for Year 2014,” including Yan Wencong of the Beitou District Office.
Mar 25 Before the city affairs meeting, Mayor Hau publicly recognized Taipei City Government’s 12 “Excellent Young Public Servants for Year 2014,” including Liu Weimin, an officer of the Department of Civil Affairs.
Feb 14 The Department of Personnel was rated as an “Excellent Type-1 Government Agency for the Year 2013” for outstanding information management; it gave a post-award briefing before the Q1, 2014 Information Committee.
Jan 7 Inauguration ceremony for Commissioners of Taipei City’s Department of Social Welfare, Department of Land and Department of Civil Servant Development.