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Before the status change, Taipei City was affiliated with the Taiwan Provincial Government. According to the organic regulation, a Personnel Office, headed by a director, should be established in Taipei City Government. On July 1, 1967, Taipei City was upgraded to a municipality. The Department of Personnel (DP) was established, affiliated with Taipei City Government (TCG). According to the regulations, it was responsible for the management of personnel affairs, with the organization of 64 staff.

In August 1972, to downsize the organization, the Executive Yuan announced that the Security Department should be incorporated into DP, responsible for the personnel investigations. In order to separate from personnel management affairs, the Security Office (Department) was named as the Second Office of Personnel Department, with the organizational structure of 94 staff. In October 1975, according to the staffing table, the number of staff for the management of personnel affairs and personnel investigations should be listed separately. Among them, there should be 62 staff in the section of personnel management and 32 in the personnel investigations section.

In October 1976, TCG assisted the mutual aid of housing and public welfare of civil servants and teachers, the “Mutual Committee” was renamed the “Civil Servant Housing and Welfare Committee”, which was affiliated with our department.

In April 1981, the position of personnel Unit was added, with an organizational structure of 98 staff.

In 1994, the Organic Regulations of Taipei City Government was amended, and the Second Office of Personnel Department was formally transformed into the Department of Government Ethics.

In April 2003, according to the Local Government Act, the legal source of the establishment of our department was amended, with the staffing table of 70 personnel. On January 1, 2012, the organization of the Executive Yuan was reformed. To cooperate with the Central Personnel Administration (Directorate-General of Personnel Administration, Executive Yuan now), the organization was adjusted. The affiliated Civil Servant Housing and Welfare Committee was suspended, and the funds hold by it was removed. After the suspension, except the housing assistance affairs, which was taken over by the Department of Urban Development of Taipei City Government, other duties were taken over by DP. To facilitate the administration, the organization structure was adjusted. At present, our department has 4 divisions (named Human Resources Division, Appointments Division, Evaluation and Training Division, and Remuneration Division) and 2 offices(named Administrative Services, and Systems Administration), additionally, Personnel Unit and Accounting Unit, with the organizational structure of 80 staff.