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2020 Major Events


Milestones for the Department of Personnel, in 2020
December 29 Commended groups and individuals of all offices and departments of the Taipei City Government with explicit performance or important contributions during September November, 2020. At the municipal administrative meeting, a certificate of appreciation and bonuses were presented to 8 groups with outstanding performances of the “Team of the Taipei City Centenary Special Exhibition Foreign Diplomats Gui ded Tour & Tea Party” and Deputy Engineer and Chief Jui Lin Su of the Second District Project Office, Department of Rapid Transit Systems.
December 24 The Executive Yuan approved Commissioner Chun Hui Wang of the Department of Rapid Transit Systems and Senior Specialist Chun Sheng Kuo of the Public Works Department as “Model Civil Servants of Executive Yuan 2020”. The Executive Yuan held its prize presentation ceremony at the Excellence Hall on the 2nd floor of the - 2 - Civil Service Development Institut Civil Service Development Institute, Directoratee, Directorate--General General of Personnel Administration, to commend their of Personnel Administration, to commend their achievements.achievements.
December 3 SGS completed stage 2 of the external assurance of Department of Personnel’s Information Security Management System (ISMS) and approved our ISO 27001 certification for compliance with the ISMS regulatory requirements.
November 17 Commended groups and individuals of all offices and de partments of the Taipei City Government with specific performances or important contributions during June August, 2020. At the municipal administrative meeting, a certificate of appreciation and bonuses were presented to 8 groups with outstanding performan ces of the “2020 Taipei Shanghai City Forum Team” and two members of the Transportation Management Division of the Department of Transportation, including Chief Shih Yun Chen.
November 10 Organized the “2020 Year End Performance/Achievement Evaluation Workshop” hosted by Department of Personnel Chief Secretary Ching Yun Su at the Family Theater on the 2nd floor of Ta ipei City Hall. Senior Specialist Chia Hui Liu of the Department of General Qualification Screening, Ministry of Civil Service, was invited as the speaker. A total of 372 persons attended the workshop.
October 6 Organized the “New HR Employee Seminar” for Department of Personnel’s HR Division. The commissioner and attending employees exchanged opinions and shared experience at the seminar. A total of 33 persons attended the seminar.
September 28 A review meeting of immediate rewards for employees or groups that reached objectives or made contributions was held by the Taipei Government. The meeting was chaired by the Secretary General, Chen Zhi-Ming, for the review of groups and employees that reached objectives or made contributions from June to August 2020.
September 27 The 2020 Xinqiaoyuan Club held 2 events where single people had a chance to meet up. The first session in which 65 singles attended was held on the Northeast Coast. The second session, where 91 singles attended, was held in Daxi, Taoyuan. In total 156 people took part.
August 29 The first phase of the 2020 newcomer exchange event was held in the Hall on the 10th floor of the Xinyi District Office. A total of 49 newcomers attended the event.
August 28 The meeting for the 2020 expansion of managerial officers was held at the Department of Civil Servant Development, Taipei City Government. The Minister for the Directorate-General of Personnel Administration, Executive Yuan, Jay N. Shih, was invited to present awards and give a speech. The event saw a total of 228 people attending, including Taipei Government agencies, institutions, and school personnel managers.
August 20 The Taipei City Government co-hosted the 2020 public service protection event alongside the Civil Service Protection and Training Commission. The event was held at the Family Theater on the 2nd floor of the Taipei City Hall and a total of 104 people attended.
August 7 The 2020 Family Day was held on the 1st floor in the atrium of the Taipei City Hall and saw a total of 236 families (677 participants) taking part, including our employees’ children, spouses, parents, and spouses’ parents, aimed at enhancing the interaction between our employees and their families.
July 9 A review conference for selecting outstanding public officials for the 2021 overseas further training program was held. The conference was hosted by deputy mayor Huang Shan-Shan and 11 officials were selected (including 7 officials for further study of master’s degrees or programs, and 4 for municipal projects).
July 3 The Taipei City Government held its 2019 Panel Discussion on Public Affairs Courses for the 2nd Semester with the Department of Social and Public Affairs, University of Taipei.
June 30 The 7th meeting of the Legal Assistance to Civil Service Involved in Lawsuits due to Performing Public Duties Review Committee was convened to review the legal assistance provided for the civil servant who was involved in a lawsuit due to performing public duties. Deputy Secretary-General, Chen Chih-Ming, hosted the meeting.
June 2 The head and deputy head of the Public Works Department and the New Construction Office, Hydraulic Engineering Office, Parks and Street Lights Office, Sewerage Systems Office, Geotechnical Engineering Office as well as the Department of Urban Development and the Urban Regeneration Office became entitled to receive engineering bonus according to the “Checklist for Receiving Engineering Performance Bonus for the Head and Deputy Head of the Taipei City Government” since June 2, 2020.
May 8、11、14、20 The Review Conference for the 2020 Overseas Business Trip Project of individual departments in the Taipei City Government was convened. Deputy Commissioner, Lin Chin-Hui, of the Department of Personnel hosted the Conference and invited the Department of Finance, the Department of Budget, Accounting and Statistics and the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission to perform the review together.
April 28 The outstanding maintenance workers of 2020 were awarded at the Municipal Administrative Meeting. Taipei City Mayor awarded the driver, Yu Chih-Jen, in the Department of Education and 29 other personnel with a medal.
April 23 The Taipei City Government convened the Review Conference for the personnel participating in the “Training for the Ordinary Appointed Civil Servants with Promotion and Recommended Appointment” and “Training for Police Officer Promotion from Junior Rank to Senior Rank” in 2020.
April 21 The Taipei City Government awarded the group and personnel with outstanding performance or significant contribution from December 2019 to February 2020. Taipei City Mayor awarded the “Living Justice Work Group”, 8 other outstanding groups and the temporary officer Kuo Pei-Chi, hired by the Department of Education with certificates and bonus at the Municipal Administrative Meeting.
April 1 The self-paid group insurance insured by the employees for their parents or by the retired employees extended the age insured to the age of 80.
March 31 Consolidated the “List of Rights and Interests Related to Injury or Death for individuals of the Taipei City Government’s various Government Agencies and Schools involved in the prevention of Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19),” and sent the list to the office’s various government agencies and schools.
March 25 Held a personnel review meeting for individuals that participated in the 2020 “Training of Recommended Civil Servants being promoted from Junior Rank to Senior Rank,” and “Training of Police Officers with Junior Rank seeking promotion to Senior Rank.”
March 24 During the Municipal Administrative Meeting, the office recognized ten 2020 outstanding young civil servants including Public Affairs Management Team member Kuo Ting-Fu, and 31 Model civil servants including Datong District Household Registration Office Director Lin Hui-Ya.
February 26 Completed updating the WebITR Attendance System to version 2.0 for the office’s various government agencies that supports the use of mobile devices and the “overtime minutes” function.
February 26 The office held a meeting regarding the management of human resources and response measures for office environments in response to the Coronavirus 19 (COVID-19). Commissioner Cheng Pen-Ching presided over the meeting and invited representatives from Level 1 Government Agencies and District offices to take part in the meeting.
February 17 The department will be responsible for conducting inspections of international business trip cases for 2019 funded by government budgets or private sponsorship in collaboration with the Department of Finance; Directorate of Budget, Accounting and Statistics; Research, Development and Evaluation Commission; and Department of Government Ethics at the Department of Education.
January 21 The office recognized various departments and government agencies that have made significant or great collective or individual contributions from September to November 2019. The office issued awards of excellence at the Municipal Administrative meeting to “Advanced Measures for Procurement, Leasing, and Assignment Management of Official Vehicles for Schools and Government Agencies of this Office” and nine other teams along with a certificate and bonus for Department of Transportation Section Assistant Chi Chia-Ling.
January 10 Hosted the 2019 1st Semester General Forum for the office and the University of Taipei Department of Social and Public Affairs’ Public Affairs Internship class.