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2010 Major Events


Milestones for the Department of Personnel, in 2010
Dec 25 The inauguration of the 5th publicly-elected Mayor of Taipei City takes place. Following the event, Mayor Hau Lung-bin presided over the inauguration of the Deputy Mayor and other high-ranking city officials.
Dec 14 Deputy Mayor and first-level officials resign en masse.
Jul 20 D.Altantsetseg, the branch clerk, along with 12 people from the Civil Servant Association of Mongolia’s Ulan Bator (the sister city of Taipei), came to our department to learn more about Taipei’s human resources management.
Jul 6 Deputy researcher Zhang Yuan, along with 16 personnel directors from the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Wuhan City in Hubei Province, visited our department to learn more about Taipei’s personnel system and human resources management.
Jun 5 Fostering joy and excitement, the 2010 Parent/Child Sports Meet drew the attendance of about 10,000 employees and their families.
May 12 The Central Personnel Administration and the Minister of Civil Services visited the Taipei Municipal Yangming Home for the Disabled and the Taipei Municipal Neihu Children’s Day Care Center to learn about their operation, personnel management, as well as any issues.
Apr 1 In light of the expiration of the Labor Pension Act, a seminar about choosing the right labor pension scheme was held, attracting 400 fellow workers (including mechanics and drivers).
Mar 10 The 2010 retirement seminar invited Evergreen Hospital clinical psychologist Wang Chun to be the keynote speaker for the topic “ Understanding and Preventing Dementia.”
Mar 2 Mayor Hau rewarded 19 schools that showed outstanding efforts in promoting gender equality. He hopes that the government will follow suit.
Feb 22 Mayor Hau presided over the Chinese New Year Gathering and the flag ceremony with the tug-of-war team of Taipei Jingmei Girls High School.
Feb 2, 3, and 8 Three seminars: Taking on the Challenge—The Government Team’s Experience, were held and presided over by Mayor Hau himself, sharing his administrating experience. The Mayor was introduced by the Deputy Mayors Lin Chien-yuan and Lee Yong-ping. Those attending the event included 1,765 civil servants at the level of recommended director or higher.