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2016 Major Events


Milestones for the Department of Personnel, in 2016
December 27th E Sun Bank was obtained the National Travel Credit Card Issuance contract of Taipei City Government from 2017 to 2019 ,according to the result of Taipei City government staff voting.
November 28-30 There were 67 works of Taipei City Government Staff and Family Photography Exhibition which was held for 3 days in the municipal building. Feast of Beauty-recent tears National Civil officers Art Exhibition.
October 26th Taipei City government’s Employee Assistance Programs was won the Excellence Award of Department of Personnel in municipalities from Directorate-General of Personnel Administration, Executive Yuan in 2016.
October 25th Took the oath of office for Commissioner of Department of Education, Mr. Tseng,Tsan-chin, Commissioner of Department of Cultural Affairs,Mr. Chung,Yung-feng, Commissioner of Department of Legal Affairs, Ms. Yuan ,Hsiu-hui and Chairperson of Indigenous Peoples Commission,Mr. Chen, Hsiu-hui.
September 9th Lin Wen-Yuan assumed office as the Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Personnel.
September 2nd Former Deputy Commissioner Chang Chien-Chih of this Department promoted to the Director of the Department of Personnel Affairs of the Ministry of Culture.
August 5th The 2016 Employee Family Day hosted at the ground floor lobby of the City Hall Building and inaugurated by the Mayor with news media coverage. Approx. 350 people participated.
July 19th Inauguration ceremony of Commissioner Jeng Fang-Fann of the Taipei City Department of Sports.
July 12th Inauguration ceremony of Commissioner Chen Chih-Ming of the Department of Finance; Commissioner Chang Jer-Yang of the Department of Transportation; and Commission Chang Tzer-Hsiung of the Department of Rapid Transit Systems of this City.
June 24 Deputy Commissioner of Department of Personnel of Changhua County Government, 高上富, led the team to Department of Personnel of Taipei City Government for personnel affairs learning exchanges.
June 2 To establish the subordinate personnel operating system of Ministry of Education, The Office of Personnel of National Tsing Hua University undertook a visit to Department of Personnel of Taipei City Government for personnel information affairs, including promotion, position transfers, electronic forms and statements etc.
May 17 30 candidates including the section chief of Department of Civil Affairs of Taipei City Government, 蘇詩敏, are rewarded as Model Civil Servants of Government of Year 105, have awarded certificates from mayor in city council meeting.
April 26 “ The Civil Servants Disciplinary Sanctions Act amended on 20 May, 104 shall take effect as from the date of 2 May, 105 resolved by Judicial Yuan” was reported in city council meeting.
March 29 10 candidates in total including the unit chief of council secretariat of Taipei City Government,高瑾螢, are rewarded as Outstanding Youth Civil Servants of Government of Year 105, have received the commendation in public from mayor in city council meeting.
March 28 "Enforcement guidelines of Taipei City Government recommending and submitting outstanding civil servants for advanced study abroad" is amended and shall become effective on 28 March.
March 3 “Guidelines for civil servants and teachers of Taipei City Government Organizations exiting the State and to the Mainland Area for performing duties” is amended and shall become effective on 3 March.
February 1 A caring scheme for employees working overtime and a standard operation procedure were drawn up for all agencies under the Taipei City Government, and will become effective from February 1, 2016.
January 27 Taipei City Government received an Excellence Award of Class 1 for the 2015 Excellent Performance of Agency in the Promotion of Reading Competition held by the National Academy of Civil Service.