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2015 Major Events

Milestones for the Department of Personnel, in 2015
December 16 An expanded personnel directors meeting for 2015 was held in the Family Theater on the second floor of Taipei City Hall with a total of 310 participants, including personnel directors from government agencies and schools.
November 30 Taipei City government’s promotion of the employee assistance program in the year 2015 was evaluated by the Directorate-General of Personnel Administration, Executive Yuan, and awarded the Premium Award for the Municipality Personnel Office category. The Chief Personnel Officer received the award on behalf of the Office in an award ceremony held at the Civil service Development Institute.
October 19 Directorate-General of Personnel Administration, Executive Yuan visited the office to perform annual "Personnel Administration Performance Evaluation" on-site examination.
September 11 Shiau Poa-Ren, counselor from Directorate-General of Personnel Administration, Executive Yuan, led a group of 4 reviewers to perform an annual on-site examination about EAPs (Employee Assistance Programs) at conference room 1103.
September 14 Established "Regulations for Evaluative Bonus of Taipei City Government and Affiliated Governmental Offices", and it is effective immediately.
August 25 Certificate of merit and bonus were presented to 6 personnel and 5 groups from departments and offices of Taipei City government by Major Ke in front of the city council in celebration of remarkable achievements and performances from January to June, 2015.
June 4 Called a meeting on budget review for Taipei City Volunteering Project, 2016, at conference room 1103.
Invited Department of Social Welfare, Department of Finance, Department of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, and Department of Legal Affairs to this meeting, chaired by Senior Specialist KUO Gwo-Kai.
June 3 Called a meeting on Taipei City Government adhocracy reviewing, 2015.
Deputy Mayor Teng Chia-Chi chaired the meeting, inviting Secretary General Su, Li-Chung, Deputy Secretary General Lin, Wan-Fa, Department of Finance, Department of Legal Affairs, Department of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, and Research, Development and Evaluation Commission to attend this review.
May 12 The Mayor commended the 2015 Model Government Officials of the City by presenting awards to the 30 recipients, including Wang Chiung-Ling, a supervisor for the Secured Small Loan Service, at the City Council Meeting.
Apr 29 The 2015 Demonstration for Civil Service Personnel Affairs was held at the function room of Bo Ai Elementary School in Xinyi District, Taipei City. There were 118 participants in total, including staff and managers of personnel administration agencies under this Office.
Apr 21 A total of 30 Outstanding Volunteers of the City were commended during the City Council Meeting. The Mayor personally presented each awardee with a medal, cash prize of NTD10,000 and five days of official leave.
Mar 24 The Mayor openly commended the 2015 Outstanding Youth Government Officials of the City before the City Council Meeting. There were 11 awardees in total, including Guo Mei-Xiu, a technical specialist from the Department of Economic Development.
Mar 24 Sun Yi-John, President of the Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation, took the oath-taking ceremony.
Feb 16 Chou Li-fang and Wu Chun-hong sworn in as Taipei City’s deputy mayor and Fire Department head, respectively.
Feb 10 Hong Chia-wen sworn in as head of TCG’s Department of Sports.
Jan 27 Tan Hochen sworn in as chairman of Metro Taipei.
Jan 20 Lee Wei-bin sworn in as head of TCG’s Department of Information Technology.
Jan 12-26 Draft policy for “Online Disclosure Guidelines Regarding Taipei City Government’s Organization Structure and Functions” completed.