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Taipei City Government 2023 Employee Family Day Event Opening Ceremony

Super fun! The Taipei City Government (TPCG) will hold its 2023 Employee Family Day Event Opening Ceremony on August 7, 2023 (Monday). A total of 768 employees and their families from 260 families are expected to attend the event.

For the children of TPCG staff to understand and realize the work and hard work of their parents and promote parent-child affection, TPCG will hold the “2023 Employee Family Day Event Opening Ceremony” on August 7, 2023 (Monday) in the lobby on 1/F of Taipei City Hall. The event will begin at 8:30am. The most cheerful children’s theater will lead the audience to sing and dance to hype the event. Next, children from the Taipei City Hall Non-Profit Kindergarten (commissioned by the Public Service Association in Taipei) will give an energetic and wonderful performance. After the opening remarks, Mayor Chiang Wan-An will take a photo with TPCG staff and their family to keep impressive and sweet memories. The event vibe will be warm and awesome, bringing exceptional meaning.

At the event, there will be a 3-seat pink spinning teacup, snapshot photo machines, parent-child interactive games, balloon DIY, and other arrangements for adults and children to well amuse themselves! Additionally, TPCG will invite the familiar character “Kuai-Kuai” to the event for the first time. Apart from leading everybody in singing and dancing, playing games, and interacting with participants in the opening ceremony, it will also maintain close contact with everyone to enjoy an unforgettable and cheerful family day!

TPCG has arranged various activities for the opening ceremony of the Employee Family Day that has since earned the support and preference of TPCG staff. With the event, TPCG hopes that the family of TPCG staff can better understand the work environment and support the hard work of their parents. TPCG also hopes that the interaction in games can help promote familial harmony and cohere family ties for TPCG staff.