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2017 Governance Matters of the Department of Personnel

I. Vision Build a highly efficient and competitive city government.

II. Mission Be the best strategic partner of the city government.

III. Key Policies

  1. Broaden authorization and delegation, strengthen agencies’ segregation of duties, establish a culture of accountability, and implement political responsibility.
  2. Carry out amendments to the organization’s laws and regulations in line with the various agencies’ business requirements, so that the organization design can be in compliance with the requirements for government development. (Chu AC2.1)
  3. Reasonable allocation of the numbers of personnel to agencies (organizations) and schools, and review the personnel allocation to the various agencies with quantitative data. (Chu AP1.1)
  4. Strengthen professional core competencies of human resources personnel by conducting leadership management, professional training and policy training. (Chu AL1.1, Chu BL1.1, Chu CL1.1, Chu DL1.1, Chu EL1.1, Chu GL1.1)
  5. Continue to handle staff appointments, dismissals, transfers, and qualification screening; implement the policy of recruitment through examination, and continue to recruit the target number of physically challenged and indigenous people. (Chu BC1.1, Chu BP2.1)
  6. Continue to handle civil servants’ job transfers, strengthen job experience, increase talent exchanges and strengthen the anti-corruption climate. (Chu BP1.1)
  7. Improve the key management and talent cultivation mechanisms, strengthen various management and professional competencies of civil servants, cultivate rich and diverse learning environments, and actively plan effective programs to allow personnel to obtain job-related professional knowledge, to be in line with the requirements for strategic human resources development. (Fu TL1.1, Chu CC2.1, Chu CP2.1)
  8. Increase the number of outstanding civil servants selected and sent for overseas advanced studies, research and study, to cultivate forward-looking personnel with an international perspective, and city governance, marketing, policy integration, planning and analytical capabilities; propose plans and specific recommendations that can be effectively promoted and executed, to cope with the current and future policy directions. (Fu TL1.2, Chu CC1.1, Chu CP1.1)
  9. Practice proper legal procedures and implement measures that safeguard the rights and interests of civil servants, so as to make legal and proper personnel administrative decisions for the staff, thereby enabling them to have the courage to take on important responsibilities, establish core values and a belief in accountability, and cultivate an organizational culture of accountability and change. (Fu TL6.1)
  10. Improve the health of the staff of the Government by providing subsidies for those who meet the health examination, safeguarding their rights and interests to further improve administrative efficiency and public service quality. (Chu DC1.1)
  11. Promote exchanges between staff from the various agencies and schools; increase interaction between staff through recreational group activities, so as to expand their circle of life. (Chu DC2.1)
  12. Implement an open and transparent information policy, regularly carry out spot checks and reviews on the jobs published by the agencies’ staff on the website. The rolling review of operational specifications will improve content accuracy. (Fu HC5.1, Chu EC1.1)
  13. Promote simplification of personnel forms; enhance personnel information accuracy and integrity checks and exemptions from filing supporting mechanism. Plan to automatically generate personnel forms through the information system, so as to reduce more than 20% of regular manual form filling at present. (Chu EP1.1)
  14. Plan for human resource statistical services, initiate human resource statistical data analysis and gathering of requirements, and build a human resource warehouse center, employing data analytical tools and decision-making indicators. (Chu EC2.1)