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Department of Personnel 2020 Administration Key Objectives

Department of Personnel 2020 Administration Key Objectives
One. Vision
Building an efficient and competitive city government administration team.
Two. Mission
Becoming the city government’s best strategic partner.
Three. Administration Key Objectives

  1. In response to the needs of the city government administration, the organizational regulations will be amended to make the organizational design meet the needs of municipal construction.
  2. Help various agencies to improve the competencies of their personnel to control the budgeted growth of personnel. (Department AC1 and AP1)
  3. Reinforce the professional core competencies of workers in the Department of Personnel. Selection of workers to participate in courses to enhance the professional and management competencies. Plan and organize training in regulations and policies for workers. (Department AL1, BL1, CL1, DL1, EL1 and AF1)
  4. Continue to carry out appointment, removal, transfer and reassignment and civil service review tasks. Implement examination and employment policies. Hire people with disabilities and indigenous people in accordance with the regulations. (Department BC1 and BP1)
  5. Continue to carry out the transfer and reassignment of civil servants of the city government. Reinforce job training. Expand interactions of talents and prevent corruption.
  6. Encourage further education to reach the study hours required for the current government’s major policies, statutory training and democratic governance specified by the Executive Yuan. (Government TL1)
  7. Select and send outstanding civil servants to study abroad, gain foreign experience to build new ideas and explore new practices and convert the learning into practical and feasible policies and promotion plans. (Department CC1, CP1 and CF1)
  8. Provide employees with benefits in accordance with the law. Supervise each agency to report various benefits (salaries), bonuses and other information provided on the “Agencies and Schools Human Resources Expenditure Management Information System” of the Executive Yuan and maintain the correctness. (Department DC1 and DP1)
  9. Promote interactions between the employees of various agencies of the government and schools. Organize club activities, singles events and new hires welcoming parties to enhance the interactions between colleagues and expand their networking. (Department DC2 and DF1)
  10. Ensure and maintain the correctness and integrity of retirement pensions (consolation payments) to facilitate retirement care and verify the issuance of retirement benefits. (Department DP2)
  11. Continue to promote the electronic version of personnel management forms and tables. Expand the availability of applicable forms and tables and improve agencies’ adoption to achieve the objectives of paperless and digitization policies. (Government HP3 and Department EP1)
  12. Promote human resources statistical auxiliary decision system to improve the efficiency of decision analysis on human resources and personnel management. (Department EC1)