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Department of Personnel 2022 Administration Key Objectives

One. Vision
Building an efficient and competitive city government administration team.
Two. Mission
Becoming the city government’s best strategic partner.
Three. Administration Key Objectives

  1. To make amendments to organizational laws and regulations in response to the needs of municipal businesses so that the organizational design can meet what municipal constructions call for.
  2. To assist each government agency to improve the efficiency of staff utilization and rationally allocate budgeted headcounts.
  3. To strengthen the professional core knowledge and ability of HR personnel, selectively send them to attend courses on professional core competency and management core competency, as well as plan and provide training on HR’s professional regulations and policies.
  4. To attend to appointments, dismissals, transfers, and other activities, implement the examination and employment policy, and continuously employ physically and mentally challenged and indigenous people in accordance with the regulations.
  5. To review the service term and transfer of government employees, broaden their job-related experience, facilitate talent exchanges, and prevent corruption.
  6. To encourage further study to meet the learning hours required by the Executive Yuan for courses on current major government policies, statutory training, and the value of democratic governance.
  7. To select and send outstanding civil servants abroad for study and research to learn from advanced experiences abroad to establish new concepts, discover new practices, and translate them into practical policies and promotional programs.
  8. To pay employees in accordance with the law and supervise all government agencies to accurately report salaries, benefits, bonuses, and other payments in the “Management Information System of Employment Expenditures for Institutions and Schools” of the Executive Yuan.
  9. To create a friendly workplace, organize recreational team activities, singles mixers, and parent-child interactive exercises for employees to look after their physical and mental health, expand their lives, and contribute to the emotional exchanges between parents and children.
  10. To maintain the accuracy and completeness of the information regarding retirements and bereavement compensations, implement retirement care, and verify the payment of pensions.
  11. To continuously promote the electronic application of HR management forms, and by expanding the scope of application, increase the number of digitized agencies and put the goal of paperless policy and comprehensive small electronization into effect.
  12. To enhance the core functions of HR information system and the application of HR service network to improve the efficiency of HR management.