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Human Resources Division

The Human Resources Division is responsible for:

A. Reviewing drafts of new organization structures and staff categories or proposing changes to existing ones submitted by public sector agencies.When reviewing the organization structures of different agencies, this division uses the existing categorized rank list as a basic reference. It also takes into consideration the level of the organization, the nature of its operations, and the importance of its responsibilities when reviewing and determining ranks. This Division is also responsible for additions, cancellations, and changes to positions in accordance with related laws and regulations.

B. Reviewing authorization codes as requested by TCG's agencies.

C. Handling appointments, dismissals, promotion, demotions, transfers, salaries, and performance screening for personnel officers.

D. Formulating personnel regulations for TCG personnel officers.

E. Collecting city personnel codes that have been created or revised by all sectors of the Department of Personnel.

F. Annually reviewing the Contract Employees Employment Program submitted by TCG's agencies.

G. Supervising personnel management affairs for technical and maintenance workers.